Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

These are the types of questions I always read women around the world are asking about especially those who want to get pregnant and likewise as to those who are just sexually active but does not want to get pregnant.

Some women can have their menstruation while pregnant while some do miss their period when they are pregnant. For me it is pretty obvious, I do miss my period when I was pregnant. I have a regular monthly period so I can definitely pinpoint if my body adjusts to something which is not usual for me. Some women may have difficulty to figure out if they are pregnant even if they have used a home pregnancy test kit at home. Well the reasons may vary because it must have been taken too early or the urine used on the pregnancy test kit wasn’t morning urine.

The very first sign that I can assure you if a lady is pregnant and who is having their regular monthly period is that they can really miss their period. About symptoms, it will follow along as your pregnancy progress like vomiting or morning sickness, feeling sleepy, dizzy or nausea, some having headache, others get so tired easily and food cravings is also part of it.

Clinically speaking, if someone wants to know if they are truly pregnant and that HPT didn’t work, blood test will be the one to determine. You just need to go to a clinic for blood test for pregnancy. I haven’t tried that method since I came to know by using a home pregnancy test kit which I also mentioned in my other post here.

If you do have irregular periods then that is much difficult to figure out even if you have used HPTs’ so my suggestion will only be a consult to a doctor. Hormone problems may also result to a missed period so it is still best that you consider asking an OB-Gyne doctor about this matter.

I have also read some article that there is also a term called chemical pregnancy. This is about pregnancy that ends before the implantation of the fertilized egg in the lining of the uterus. You may take a pregnancy test which is positive but then will end up to miscarriage because somewhere along the way the process got a problem so the system was aborted leading now to bleeding and abdominal cramping.

Just a rule of thumb here, if you had sex on your fertile periods and you have a regular period monthly, then count 5 to 7 days of your expectant date of menstruation before you take your HPT test to be more accurate. Use only morning urine sample and follow the instruction which is written on the home pregnancy test kit. But if you have issues about getting a monthly period or if you have PCOS, or other reproductive system problem, then it is really best to consult your physician first. I am not an expert on this, but what I just stated was based on my experience and my own personal opinion.


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