Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My HPT (Home Pregnancy Test)

I was in Philippines when I first tested to buy a home pregnancy test. I search online which home pregnancy test kit was the cheapest and where to buy it. What I found out was Blue Cross brand and it is available in South Star Drug store for only P36.00 pesos or equivalent to $0.85 cents.

The Moment of Truth, the Result was Positive! yipee!I'm having a baby!
blue cross,pregnancy test

I bought two boxes so that whenever I feel like doubting the first test, I may need to retest again after three days. But when I tried my very first test, I was already happy to know the result was positive and I didn’t even doubted that since I am already 6 days delayed and I never have been delayed since I am regularly having my period and I know when is that visitor coming.

I have kept this box for 5 months, still the result was very much visible and intact
hpt,pregnancy kit

The first day of my last menstruation was Feb. 2, 2011. I used my home pregnancy test kit on March 8, 2011 and I got my result, two solid pink bar lines which is just in seconds and it was a morning urine of course as I followed what was on the instruction label. Blue Cross brand is easy to follow. It has a readable strip and a small plastic canister to where you put your sample urine and just dip the strip and wait for less than a minute. The box itself says read result in less than 5 minutes.

Blue Cross can detect as early as 1st day of your missed period with the accuracy of 99% and that is the reasons why I bought this wonderful product. Not only that it was cheap but also it was accurate and easy to use.

Now going back to my enthusiasm, well I did spoke to my hubby and break the news over the internet. He was back in India at that time and I was still in my country. Anyway, we did spread the good news to our family days before I tested positive on my home pregnancy test.

It was one of the most exciting and marvelous thing that happened to us since we were waiting for our baby for four long years and God granted our wish to become parents soon. Psalms 127:3 says “3Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” This was the status I shared to my friends on Facebook and they knew that I am rejoicing as I announce to them the blessing that God gave us.

For those who are still tying to conceive, keep on praying, don’t be discourage and don’t give up. Put your trust and hope on God who is able to do all things possible. We also felt discouraged a lot of times, but we never gave up and we still pray and continue to pray because God is our mighty God who is always there for us.

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sammy said...

I've been using OVULATION PREDICTOR for a long time and I still get butterflies when that little smiley shows his face. :) I got one from the internet by searching on Google HOME CHECK OVULATION TEST KIT it was great!

reginag said...

It sounds natural, and very normal.

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Sophia Wright said...

Thanks for this good post! I use free pregnancy test

Sophia Wright said...

Imagine my surprise when I dropped my pee on it and those lines came up so quickly!!
I used free pregnancy test

Carmel decroz said...

Good tips...not that I will ever need them since Ive only got 2 kids and the hubs is neutered.http://www.awomanshaven.com/unplanned-pregnancy-and-abortion

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