Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

These are the types of questions I always read women around the world are asking about especially those who want to get pregnant and likewise as to those who are just sexually active but does not want to get pregnant.

Some women can have their menstruation while pregnant while some do miss their period when they are pregnant. For me it is pretty obvious, I do miss my period when I was pregnant. I have a regular monthly period so I can definitely pinpoint if my body adjusts to something which is not usual for me. Some women may have difficulty to figure out if they are pregnant even if they have used a home pregnancy test kit at home. Well the reasons may vary because it must have been taken too early or the urine used on the pregnancy test kit wasn’t morning urine.

The very first sign that I can assure you if a lady is pregnant and who is having their regular monthly period is that they can really miss their period. About symptoms, it will follow along as your pregnancy progress like vomiting or morning sickness, feeling sleepy, dizzy or nausea, some having headache, others get so tired easily and food cravings is also part of it.

Clinically speaking, if someone wants to know if they are truly pregnant and that HPT didn’t work, blood test will be the one to determine. You just need to go to a clinic for blood test for pregnancy. I haven’t tried that method since I came to know by using a home pregnancy test kit which I also mentioned in my other post here.

If you do have irregular periods then that is much difficult to figure out even if you have used HPTs’ so my suggestion will only be a consult to a doctor. Hormone problems may also result to a missed period so it is still best that you consider asking an OB-Gyne doctor about this matter.

I have also read some article that there is also a term called chemical pregnancy. This is about pregnancy that ends before the implantation of the fertilized egg in the lining of the uterus. You may take a pregnancy test which is positive but then will end up to miscarriage because somewhere along the way the process got a problem so the system was aborted leading now to bleeding and abdominal cramping.

Just a rule of thumb here, if you had sex on your fertile periods and you have a regular period monthly, then count 5 to 7 days of your expectant date of menstruation before you take your HPT test to be more accurate. Use only morning urine sample and follow the instruction which is written on the home pregnancy test kit. But if you have issues about getting a monthly period or if you have PCOS, or other reproductive system problem, then it is really best to consult your physician first. I am not an expert on this, but what I just stated was based on my experience and my own personal opinion.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

When Baby Started Kicking In

I came to know online that babies are more active moving and kicking your tummy by weeks 24-28. I am now enjoying that moment since I am on my 27th week and I can see how my baby response to me whenever I touch my belly and talk to baby about how’s his/her day and how he/she likes to exercise and stretch a lot because I can see my tummy bulge on one side to another move.

On my 27th week of pregnancy
pregnant,27th week,tummy

Sometimes when I feel hungry, baby is there to remind me by kicking my tummy. Nowadays that I can only eat small portion or servings of food, I sometimes get myself hungry later on, but I am not lazy to get up. Whenever I feel the urge to eat, I really do eat and drink lots of fluids. So that baby has no problem on amniotic fluid supply that my body have.

Every expectant mom is enjoying this very stage especially me. I can obviously feel how my baby moves inside, to where I tap my hand, there will baby go. I sing a lullaby and listen to songs when I know that baby is awake. Sometimes when outside environment is so noisy, I notice that baby kicks me too, probably saying what a noisy world out there, I am sleeping here. I now the waking time of my baby, it is always in the early morning around 2-3 am, then morning at 7am and then afternoon at 4-5pm. But I usually get in between those times kick whenever I roll my hands on my tummy and speak to my little one and baby response well.

It was really precious to me and I cannot exchange this moment in this whole wide world. Truly God is amazing on what He has done since He is the creator of all and I acknowledge Him as my Lord and Savior.

By the way, watch out for my upcoming baby shower contest. I will be giving away prizes for those who can identify if I will be having a baby girl or a baby boy. This is my way of saying thank you to my readers and joining me to have my very first virtual baby shower. Yes, virtual because my closest friends will not be able to join me here since I am far away from them so I have come up with an idea of why not even invite bloggers to join my contest. It will be pretty exciting as I take part of Mama-hood.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Insane Law of Abortion

All of us have our own opinion and whenever I am asked about the law of abortion, it really gets my blood boil because here in India alone, they do allow abortion and they have abortion hospitals and abortionist doctors.

I do stand that Abortion is a crime and it is sin against God. Life has given to us by our maker and we have no rights to take it away. Only God has the rights to take away ones life. Abortion is purely evil and 101% cruelty because an innocent baby has no chance that he or she is going to be killed by a person who is so self centered thinking only about her shame to public. I don’t care if the reason for abortion was rape. You still don’t have the right to kill an innocent child in your womb. That baby has life, has the will to live and has nothing to do when you got rape.

That baby still has your genes, your own flesh and blood. You just need to accept it whatever circumstance leads you. But it is not the baby’s fault that you got raped. So why the heck kill a child?

There are thousands of women here on earth who wants to have a child, who wants to experience being a mom, who wants to enjoy and experience pregnancy since this really gives us the distinction of why we are called WOMEN. We have wombs, we have responsibility to take care of our own, we do raise kids and God gave us that purpose in our family, and yet there are those killers who because of unwanted pregnancy, of unprotected sex, would just have to consider abortion, it is so evil.

I really am sad how this world turns black into white and the white which is the truth, which is legal, is not being obeyed. I have heard enough of alibis about babies being a health hazard to a lady, since when? Who decided to get pregnant anyway? Is it the child’s fault or the mother? It really makes me sick in that idea that women do create such stupid alibis.

In India, thousands of unborn babies being killed by their own mother especially if that is a baby girl. They do worry about dowry, what a big insanity. Just because it is a girl, they will pay a lot. It has to do with their belief, they don’t fear God and God sees that all. Even if they will be allowed by their government to kill an innocent child, but in God’s eye, the Almighty One who will be the judge of all is not going to let it pass. God in His mercy and justice will find evil doers the equivalent of what they have done here on earth. They will pay for eternity and that is what matters most. No one can escape Gods’ judgment.

Spare me the gender determination, but never will I let Abortion be accepted, in all types of form. For me, it is clear; Abortion is a Sin and is punishable by God. This is my opinion, this is my point of view and I respect other people’s opinion even if they oppose mine.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sickness Blues of a Pregnant Lady

Actually sickness blues kicks in more on the first trimester of pregnancy. But this depends on every pregnant lady. Some do feel morning sickness while others don’t even have morning sickness. On my experience, well luckily I don’t have morning sickness but I do have sensitivity to such smell and I do have particular things that I don’t like to smell and I am so choosy on scents from soaps, to toothpaste, shampoo and perfumes.

Luckily I don’t feel nausea or dizzy but I don’t like to eat what I cook when week 9 started. My tongue began to taste bitter and foods started to have after taste which I really don’t like. My saliva tends to be so sticky that I wanted to spit it out every minute of the day. Good thing that I am just inside the house and if I were outside and working, it will be a big problem for me.

I do get morning cramps but not on a regular basis and not on the first trimester. I also notice back ache on my second trimester where my body tends to add more weight and I needed to properly sleep on my left side always and that is why I get shoulder and leg stiff. Whenever I sit down, I need to move my butt and stand for some time so that my blood would circulate or else my feet will get pins and needles.

The most obvious feeling that I have remembered during the first four to five weeks of my pregnancy is that I tend to get exhausted easily. I remember the times when I used to do errands on paper works for my visa and I need to go from office to office and ride buses and trains, I get so tired easily on climbing the stairs and walking a distant looks like a thousand miles away. I really needed to walk in small steps and was very careful because I don’t want to stress out.

My body wasn’t like this before; yes I do understand that age has something to do with it too. Getting pregnant on my 30’s is really something that I cannot turn back the time and wish that I should have been pregnant on my early 20’s. But this is what I really longed to have and experience and even if it was not that easy and comfortable feeling, I still thanked God for His blessings.

Now going back to sickness blues, I would not forget feminine itch. It does feel itchy down there especially if you’re always wet. First trimester was the wettest of all since I notice I produce a lot of egg white mucous on my underwear. Using feminine wash was really mandatory for me aside from changing undies. Sex was never a problem but we only do one position which is safe and comfortable for me. Just don’t ask me now to elaborate it in detail.Well that is it for now, if there’s more to add, I will be continuing this on part two since I am now saying hello to third trimester. Enjoy being pregnant!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Know your Due Date

The most easiest to use is the online due date calendar which will give you dates of how many weeks are you pregnant, what are the expectations you need to observe on that particular week and so much more.

Even if I haven’t visited my OB for knowing my due date, I already know because I have research it online. Some sites I am referring to were fortunebaby.com, mybirthcare.com, babycenter.in, amazing pregnancy.com and so much more when you type it on Google.

Courtesy of Fortunebaby(dot)com
pregnant,due date calc

Most of these sites would ask you the first date of your last menstruation period. What I always like is when it tells the week and days that I am in, how many weeks and days left before I give birth, percentage of my pregnancy, and the report about fetal development.

Due dates always differ from your OB, to the person who gives impression on your Ultrasound and to what you consulted online. But what is important is to be prepared during your delivery month. See to it that you follow what the doctor tells you to take from vitamins to regular diets and planned exercises.

Since gender prediction is prohibited here in India, I sometimes like to play around free online applications that says baby’s gender prediction calculator. Well some Chinese prediction calculator is there for fun. I only don’t take it seriously, before I was really disappointed that I won’t be able to peek if my baby would be a boy or a girl because of ultrasound check up. But anyway, what I just do pray for is that both I and baby will be safe and healthy as always.

Every week passed, I check my online due date calculator and read what are my baby’s development, the size and weight and information about my pregnancy status. These online tools are really handy for moms to be and it helps me get additional information in advance that my doctor does not inform me. But I am not saying not to consult your OB anymore which is a no-no.

Every pregnant mom is eager to know her weekly status or stages of pregnancy. It gives an insight on what to do, what not to do or avoid and things to prepare during pregnancy.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wearing your way to Pregnancy

It’s pretty obvious that when you are pregnant, the body goes into a big change. Not only does your weight get into the scene, but the image you are reflecting as a proud expectant mom delivers in the way you dress.

At first trimester of pregnancy, you may still have to wear your jeans and shirts and some skirts the way you like them to be especially if you are the type of person who does not gain much weight like I do. But when you reach your second trimester of pregnancy, things do change for a fact that the tummy started to become obvious and you would really want to go out and buy a maternity dress that suits your size.

Jet Black Stretchable Capri Pants
capri pants

See the soft comfy pouch of the capri pants which protects your belly
preggy pants

I have been in that same boats like most of expectant mom. I started to ask hubby to buy me something comfortable to wear since I cannot fit my jeans anymore and it will be a no-no to wear tight clothing too. The first thing I bought was three-fourths type of blouses which are bigger than my regular size. If before I used to wear small sizes, I added an extra which is medium size to make me feel comfortable. About the pants, the first that I have bought was a chiffon pants that is stretchable and has a soft girdle not to tighten my belly but to protect it.

Now that I am nearing my third trimester, I ask again hubby to buy me stretchable pants since my chiffon pants is colored pink and green and I am having a difficult time what color of blouse to match. So I wanted something which is just black since it will go well with any other types of color.

We went to the nearest mall to our place and were happy to find black stretchable Capri pants which fitted me well and it was really comfy to wear. Luckily, it was on sale so instead of Rs999 price, hubby paid only Rs 910 which we saved Rs89. So this wonderful stretchable Capri black jet pants was only $20.16.

I feel like I am a mother kangaroo whenever I wear it. Why? It’s because that my baby was inside the pouch that the pant was designed for. It feels safer yet when I washed it once, I feel it tightens a bit although still I can wear of course.

Some women don’t need to buy maternity clothes especially if they already reached their 7th to 8th month of pregnancy. It is because that only for a few more months, you will not be able to wear it again, unless of course you got pregnant again. I don’t mind if I have to buy some more for this month, but I guess I would go for some blouse and not for pants anymore. Things to buy might also be redirected to babies needs instead of mommies needs. I still feel so happy to wear my maternity clothes; after all it was my very first.

Eating the Right Food for Mommy and Baby (Part Two)

This is the continuation of the article I wrote about Foods for mommies and for your baby. It also includes the information on how your body can prepare to conceive. I do like to read articles and information about how to get pregnant since I have been an eager beaver to be a mommy. But it took time and as I have said, we did not surrender till we got pregnant. Now, I am sharing this post so that men and women, who are also finding the same information, may also be helped through information highway such as this blog.

Foods to help you conceive and prepare your body to get pregnant:

4. Zinc- Foods that are rich in zinc are fresh oysters, beef liver, squash seeds, mutton meat, dark chocolates, roasted peanuts, green peas, sole fish, mozzarella cheese and chicken breast. Zinc helps our immune system plus it also helps to strengthen the reproductive system, it is also called as the Fertility Food if you still don’t know. You should include this in your meal daily. If your husband has low sperm count, eating foods with oyster can help increase his sperm count, about the motility I guess Vitamin C can be of help to that plus a lot of rest and stress free life will also do the trick. So plan a vacation and unwind a bit in order to get your system on the GO. We conceived when hubby took a vacation and we did enjoy a lot of bonding moments.

5. Purified and Clean Water- Enough water daily is important. They say 8 glasses of water is what our body needs. You can add more to that when you take juices and milk and other liquid drinks but please stay away from sodas and alcoholic drinks, this will never help you to conceive but will just delay it. Daily intake of 8 glasses of water does help the mucous to be fertile. If you’re a woman, you need to check your vaginal mucous because this will tell you if you are on your fertile days and when it is clear and egg white like, this is prefect to baby dance and you’re on your way to baby land.

I will try my best to post also what are the foods that you should avoid to take which delays your chances to conceive. I did discipline myself to avoid such foods and it really paved the way and I am sharing these to all so that you may also benefit. God has given us fresh fruits and vegetables because there is a purpose to it, not just because our body has self healing properties but also has the ability to defend our system against the outside force especially in our generation where we are exposed to chemicals and pollutions daily. Our body needs to combat this and so eating junk foods, ready made foods and cured foods will never be the solution.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Time Mommy

At last, after 4 long years of marriage, God has already answered our prayers by giving us our bundle of joy. I still could not believe it after so many years that we have longed to have our angel; it was just so timely that God gave us His wonderful blessing.

Honestly we have tried a lot of stuffs from medications to foods and living a healthy lifestyle in order to conceive. I have researched a lot of times online on how to get pregnant fast or how to conceive naturally without recommendations of doctors for a test tube baby since we don’t even have health issues. I was really hesitant to go for a work up and try to ask an expert but hubby was the one who hindered me and just told to wait. Yeah, whatever that means and waiting isn’t that easy since I am so desperate to have a baby and I said to myself that I am not going any younger.

We did marry at the age of 30’s and it took us time before we got pregnant. Not all women are the same, some while at their young age even when married; they still do have problems encountered on having a baby. So every case for couple is different and I cannot pattern it to someone who was able to conceive even at a later age.

I just remember one thing when I was reading e-books and researching online for ways to conceive. It wasn’t the food that we ate that we got pregnant. It was still the work and marvelous miracle of God since He was the life giver. Don’t lose hope if every time you see your period coming in and get frustrated because it is still not the time. I have experience the same and I can say that God is there to help you.

Some medications did help, actually it did help to prepare our bodies to be ready and all I can say is that Traditional Chinese medicine really helps and most especially thanks to God who gave that to us also. I was super excited to know that I already missed my period. I was still skeptic but waited for the right time to buy a home pregnancy test and test my morning urine and see if I was really pregnant.

We just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary as we did our marriage renewal of vows that our family and friends witnessed. I will never forget that date since February is our wedding anniversary and February is also the month I conceived our first baby. It was a vacation really worth it and we were so happy.

Now going back on testing my urine, it took only seconds that I see two pink bold line bars in the tester, I was indeed pregnant. I did not announce it immediately to my family. I first announce it to my hubby the next day until we decided to spill the beans in our family and they were happy to hear it.

The very reasons I made this blog is to encourage women here who were married and still waiting to have kids of their own to be strong and have faith in God. I also would like to share my views about readying the body to conceive. It is really necessary to prepare the body for a change especially if you will become a mommy. The responsibility is also great and so I hope that this site will be there ready to share what I have experience. Welcome to Mamahood!

Eating the Right Food for Mommy and Baby (Part One)

This is important to know since most of us should prepare our bodies right before we conceive. When I was trying to conceive (TTC), I really research for foods that will enable my body to prepare for pregnancy. There was certain information that indeed was relevant when it comes to conceiving.

Others may call it just a fallacy or old wives tale but for me I proved it to be true and so I am happily sharing this information to those women who wants to get pregnant and conceive. Here are some things that you should definitely know:

Food that will help your body to prepare for Pregnancy:

1. Foods rich in Folic Acid- You may or may not take folic acid supplement but in the foods that we eat daily, there are certain levels of folic acid that is present and it is important that most women should take note about this. I took it seriously and I always include it in my daily meal. Even if you are already pregnant, folic acid is still needed by our body and your gynecologist would even prescribe you a medicine with folic acid so that your baby is safe from birth defects. I always include spinach, broccoli, bananas, oranges, (chapatti) wheat flour and lentils in my daily meal. It really improved my chances of getting pregnant aside from praying to God of course.

2. Calcium- If we do lack calcium in our body, chances are we will get weaker bones and our body will compensate that calcium deficiency leading to heart problems and complications. I have read an article that a woman who has silver fillings (pasta) should remove it because that causes infertility. Mercury content on most silver fillings does evaporate in time. I don’t believe such will be true, but for me, what is important is calcium. I increased my daily intake of calcium; I am not talking about artificial calcium and calcium that has surnames. What I am saying is that calcium in the food that we eat like cheese, milk, red meat, yogurt, cantaloupe and dark green and leafy vegetables. But you should also know that Vit. D3 is important so that your calcium can be absorbed by the body. There is one product that easily absorbs 99% of calcium and that is Tiens Calcium no.1. I took this for more than 6 months and it improves my blood circulation and strengthens my immune system and I don’t get tired easily.

3. Cordyceps- This is not a food. It is a food supplement that the Chinese have been using for thousand generations making their athletes win several athletic competitions. If you truly are serious to be pregnant or for those who try to conceive (TTC), this is the crème ala cream of all because it is considered as the wonder drug of the century. Cordyceps is so difficult to find, in the mountains of Tibet and China to where they harvest it. I don’t trust any other Cordyceps in the market. What I only recommend is from Tiens Cordyceps which hubby and I took for months to conceive. We have heard reports and testimony that couples having difficulty to conceive should take this supplement because it helps the reproductive system. Indeed we can now testify that because of this plus our faith to God we have now our baby. Cordyceps also strengthens the lungs, liver and other vital organs of the body. But if you have issues about conceiving like low sperm count, this one plus Tiens Zinc will help you. If you are a lady with other complications like irregular menstruation, PCOS, blocked Fallopian tube and such, you may as well try Tiens Cordyceps because it is a food supplement and there is no overdose taking this because it is 100% herb, natural and organic. If your taking medications, just go on and continue your medication and allow an hour before you take this supplement. By the way, before I forgot Tiens Cordyceps should be taken twice daily on an empty stomach, meaning one hour before breakfast (2 caps) and one hour before dinner (2 caps).

If you have any questions, just leave me a message here and I will be happy to respond back. Hope you do read the next article which is the continuation of this article that I am writing. God bless.

Disclaimer: My article is based on my own opinion and is not altered or influenced by any other advertising medium. This post is not paid and I am not endorsing a product for my own benefit.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My HPT (Home Pregnancy Test)

I was in Philippines when I first tested to buy a home pregnancy test. I search online which home pregnancy test kit was the cheapest and where to buy it. What I found out was Blue Cross brand and it is available in South Star Drug store for only P36.00 pesos or equivalent to $0.85 cents.

The Moment of Truth, the Result was Positive! yipee!I'm having a baby!
blue cross,pregnancy test

I bought two boxes so that whenever I feel like doubting the first test, I may need to retest again after three days. But when I tried my very first test, I was already happy to know the result was positive and I didn’t even doubted that since I am already 6 days delayed and I never have been delayed since I am regularly having my period and I know when is that visitor coming.

I have kept this box for 5 months, still the result was very much visible and intact
hpt,pregnancy kit

The first day of my last menstruation was Feb. 2, 2011. I used my home pregnancy test kit on March 8, 2011 and I got my result, two solid pink bar lines which is just in seconds and it was a morning urine of course as I followed what was on the instruction label. Blue Cross brand is easy to follow. It has a readable strip and a small plastic canister to where you put your sample urine and just dip the strip and wait for less than a minute. The box itself says read result in less than 5 minutes.

Blue Cross can detect as early as 1st day of your missed period with the accuracy of 99% and that is the reasons why I bought this wonderful product. Not only that it was cheap but also it was accurate and easy to use.

Now going back to my enthusiasm, well I did spoke to my hubby and break the news over the internet. He was back in India at that time and I was still in my country. Anyway, we did spread the good news to our family days before I tested positive on my home pregnancy test.

It was one of the most exciting and marvelous thing that happened to us since we were waiting for our baby for four long years and God granted our wish to become parents soon. Psalms 127:3 says “3Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” This was the status I shared to my friends on Facebook and they knew that I am rejoicing as I announce to them the blessing that God gave us.

For those who are still tying to conceive, keep on praying, don’t be discourage and don’t give up. Put your trust and hope on God who is able to do all things possible. We also felt discouraged a lot of times, but we never gave up and we still pray and continue to pray because God is our mighty God who is always there for us.

Disclaimer: The article I wrote is not paid by any advertising medium nor am I endorsing the said product. What I stated was based on my own personal opinion and was not altered or influenced by any advertising scheme or any affiliate marketing. Anyone who wishes to use my article for their own sake like a review will be sanctioned via plagiarism. I own this article and never did I posted it on any site, refrain from copying.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Trimester of Pregnancy

This was the most crucial of all the pregnancy period. To most women the symptoms are almost the same. Some can have morning sickness while the rest are lucky enough to skip on morning sickness but still have other symptoms like most pregnant women go through.

As for me, I do crave for foods like Spanish turnip, buko or fresh coconut, white marshmallows and vanilla ice cream. I really don’t like the smell of guavas and I also avoid looking at guavas else I might puke. I don’t know if this was my hormone telling me, but most women do have stories to tell when it comes to food cravings.

My doctor also gave a prescription if ever I will experience throwing up but luckily I didn’t have morning sickness. What I just experience was that my saliva is abundant and it feels like my mouth tastes bitter during my 7th or 9th week of pregnancy. I do taste raisins quite strange and I cannot chew them. I also find some sour fruits not good for me since I feel acidic and I don’t want to eat them.

I do feel sleepy at times but not all the time. I also acted weird when it comes to the foods that I cook, I cannot eat it. But when hubby prepares the food that is what I can eat. I have experienced being so exhausted when I walk a few miles. I break sweat easily unlike when I wasn’t pregnant.

I really do avoid smokers and drinking sodas and with anything that has alcohol content on it. So for pregnant women, they say you need to avoid fish that contains mercury. Almost all fish have mercury but in different levels so it is important that you know how much you consume. I do avoid tuna, king mackerel, shark, and other fish that is high in mercury content.

Pregnant women should also avoid eating raw stuffs like sushi, half cooked eggs and such since it can be a caused for salmonella or bacteria infection. As much as possible eat foods that are cooked well done. Some fruits may even caused gas or tummy pain, but so far the only fruit I avoid is pineapple.

Your tummy doesn’t show big here yet but wait till you reach the second trimester and you will definitely gain weight. For me I am underweight as my doctor prescribed me to gain about 10 more kilos before I give birth. So far, I already gained 5 kilos and I am still three months away before my due date.

Just don’t forget to have prenatal checkups and follow what your doctor tells you so that you and your baby will be just fine. Try to get more sleep and relax. Don’t stress too much and think about problems. It is not good for a pregnant woman to be always problematic and sad. It will also reflect to your baby so as much as possible, I try to calm myself and hummm a tune whenever I don’t feel good. I also massage my tummy and try to think more positive things so that it will make my day fine.