Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baby Kicks and Maneuvers

I got another message from Baby center telling me that I am on my 34th week and the baby is about the size of a cantaloupe almost 18 inches long. Well I can see that because I have difficulty now in moving myself in the chair and transferring to bed.

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Sometimes when I have to lie down to sleep I can notice difficulty in breathing unless I put extra pillow on my head.
Baby is actively kicking and I can notice a lot of maneuvers from left to right and to the sides and to the upper part of my belly. I can obviously notice baby having a hiccup inside and I did read that it was good because the baby is healthy.

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Some kicks are hard ones and slightly giving me a good kick too like I have been pinched. Sometimes when I do sleep, and my arm was placed on the side of my tummy and baby kicks it, my arm would really be thrown away from that side and I will really wake up.

It is really precious to me because these tough moments on my third trimester of pregnancy I can see that it only takes a few more weeks to wait before baby come. I am still not prepared for the things I needed to pack, what to expect whenever no one is around if suddenly, you know, it makes me want to freak out but I really ignore the idea of it.

Now how I wish my mom was just with me in this situation where I am geographically away from them because I know she would know what to do and she will take care of me or assist me in giving birth.

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But anyway, I pray to God for safe delivery and also a healthy good looking baby that we have waited for so long and God has granted us that blessing. This is one of the best soon to be Christmas celebration that we will have because God has expanded our family as we welcome our adorable baby. Wishing all the moms, soon to be moms and aspirant mom happiness and of great cheer.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Finally Got my Order

Yipee! At last, after waiting for 5 business days, I have already in my hand the online order that I have placed. I was waiting for this item badly because I need to wash the clothes of our upcoming baby. I don’t want to just use the clothes without washing and I don’t prefer to use our own detergent powder which can be rough and harsh to baby’s skin.
My order and its box

TADA!!! Say Hello to my Laundry Detergent!

I really encourage mothers and soon to be moms to use safe and gentle laundry wash detergents. What I do like in this product is that its anti-bacterial, with the right PH level safe for baby’s skin, with triple enzyme to kill and eliminate germs and no stains will be left on clothes plus it is also environment friendly.

Instruction for Usage

Have to follow what is written in this label
baby laundry

Plastic wrap of the box

It does not bubble much but it is better for baby because there are no harsh chemicals included. So it can also be good for our hands when we use it. I also do like the floral scent of Tollyjoy. By the way this is not a review, I won’t be tackling about the detergent, and I am just talking about how moms should go for safe baby laundry detergents.

Receipt of my order

Disclaimer: As I have said this is not a review, it is not paid and I am not endorsing the said product. I just shared my opinion about how mothers can take advantage of using baby detergents and not harmful laundry materials. This article is not influenced by any marketing affiliate or any advertising agency. I hold the rights for my opinion and therefore I warned anyone who will illegally use my article or copy it for their advantage.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Ordering online for Baby’s stuff

I’ve got 3 good online sites that I wanted to try and I happen to test out and order first at It offers baby and pregnant mother’s needs. What I did try to order here was a laundry detergent which is safe for baby’s sensitive skin.

I don’t want to try the detergent powder that we are using because of its content that may be harmful or too strong for our baby to be. So I just wanted to be safe when I need to wash the clothing’s that we bought for baby.

I just want not to just experience online shopping but to get the advantage also of shopping online. I have window shopped in malls and the prices are really expensive. I just figure out that some online stores offer lesser price and take note; they do have free shipping so no need for me to commute out and buy stuffs for my baby.

Hoopos also offers C.O.D. Cash on Delivery which is an advantage for me since I don’t personally own a card here in this country. But before I forgot to tell you guys, Hoopos is in India so obviously, they will just deliver free within India.

I still eye on some babies clothing and stuffs online but I will just wait for more and see what will be the outcome of my very first order since they (customer service rep) called me that my order will be somewhat delayed. It has 4-7 days delivery as promised to customers but I said, okay, let’s just see if this one delivers great.

This is not yet a review of their site and I am not in any way endorsing it. It’s just an opinion for me to share on my blog and I am just happy to share it. Besides, as I have said the report, if I may say is still partially done since I am still waiting for my order to come. I will be sharing here the photo of what I ordered from them.

It is an anti-bacterial laundry soap, mild PH level good for baby, floral scented but very gentle to the skin.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Proper Detergent Powder for Babies Clothing

I still have lots of list items to buy for baby. I am still close to half of what I needed and I don’t know if I can truly buy them all or if it is really needed. For now, what I have was basic needs for baby. I still have to hunt down where to buy the rest for a cheaper price since we went to a baby store and the prices are really way up high in the sky. I don’t think that it will be reasonable to buy such expensive items when babies tend to grow faster and the items won’t be used much so I really needed to skip on those items.

Here are some of the items we bought
baby clothing1

bibs, caps, undies,feeding bottles,receiving blankets and more
baby clothing2

I searched online on what I can buy for baby’s laundry detergent since I don’t trust what we used because it is concentrated and with chemicals not suited or it may be harsh for baby’s skin. I tried to login and order out on hoopos dot com and see if they can deliver it just as what they promised. What is good is that it is Cash on Delivery status with free shipping within India and the purchased order I have was just costing Rs338 rupees or equivalent to $ 7.68.

I really like the cute booties and socks!
baby clothing3

Receiving blankets, waterproof mats and some cloths
baby clothing4

Hooded Towel which is more expensive than the receiving blankets, dunno why
baby clothing5

Keeping my fingers cross that they will contact me for my order and will inform me if they are in the process for delivery as they say I can login to check the status of my order. Anyway, there are lots of brands that offers natural and without any synthetic chemicals for laundry detergent which is good for babies. What I have ordered was from Tolly Jolly.

Never heard about this product yet, but I will tell you if it was really a good brand. So far, I have taken some snap shots of what I needed to wash before our baby use it. Although most of these baby clothes needs to be hand wash, so I need to read the label also if that are also machine washable. I have already told my mother in law to take care of the diaper cloths for me. Since I haven’t seen a single diaper clothing in stores (lampin) in Tagalog.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Anti Tetanus Injection for Pregnant Women

Some may consider it not important while some insist that it is still needed. Well for me it is what my doctor recommended on my 7th month of pregnancy. It will protect me and my baby so I really have to take this injection. It wasn’t that bad after all and I thanked God for it.

I just felt some muscle pain but not that much or it didn’t even swell. Just like I am just having a muscle cramp, that’s what my left arm felt. But anyway if you have any issues with that like allergic reaction, just tell your doctor about it.

The next month will be another injection which is anti flu. Now we do know that we should protect ourselves from the harsh environment. A pregnant woman should have a strong immune system to help fight combat free radicals as well as the pollutants that are around us. Colds can never be a good sign so to prevent this; a pregnant woman should also need protection. Well my doctor said that anti flu will be given on my 8th month of pregnancy. She didn’t further push on the idea of blood test yet since she said that I was on perfect condition, my BP is normal, I don’t have signs of edema, my weight is also just fine since I am now 51 kilos and I have gained enough when I started at 43 kilos.

I don’t feel any back aches or having constipation so she was just concerned about the hospital to where we will decide to labor. Since my hubby suggested that he will give the doctor the list of hospitals credited by their company which will be shouldering some of the health expenses. It will be easier for me to consider a hospital which is just near our place but I am still opting for a good and complete facility as far as giving birth is concern.

What my doctor also suggested me is to do pelvic floor exercise regularly. Pelvic floor or kegel exercise is needed in order to have a good delivery or it’s a preparation for giving birth. I will tackle this issue on my next blog since I myself have just started doing this exercise to get ready.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Time Mommy’s excitement

Everything seems new to me on my experience being pregnant. From the time of first trimester till now, I do happen to experience brand new things that new moms do feel. Although exclude the morning sickness because I luckily did not experience it. But I wasn’t lucky enough not to feel bitter taste or choosy when it comes to foods that I eat.


There was a time in my first trimester of pregnancy that I don’t like to eat what I cook and I only eat what my husband prepares. I also have weird taste in some foods and I don’t really like the smell of guavas or even just to look at them I feel like I am going to puke. On my second trimester, things began to change again, from the size of my tummy to food cravings and mood swings.

It is indeed difficult to become a woman but certainly I do enjoy my pregnancy and the joy it gives me knowing that God has granted us our baby, it is really a blessing. During my food cravings, I noticed that I didn’t crave for sour type of foods like unripe mangoes or anything sour. But I was more into salty and sweet stuffs like popcorn, vanilla ice cream and pizza.


Pregnant ladies are just okay to enjoy their food cravings but should need to be careful about the foods that are to be avoided and foods that should be eaten to have a healthy pregnancy. Now that I am on my third trimester stage, I am careful of what to intake because I don’t like to get over with the foods that I eat that will make baby grow so big and I having a difficult time to give birth or that will result to CS. As much as possible, I still do pray to God that He will grant me a safe and normal pregnancy and delivery.

On my 30th week, I do feel my baby hiccups a lot. I researched it online on why these things happen. I got worried at first because I thought that baby is getting bigger and heavier now and signs of hiccups means that the baby is really getting big. I found out that these muscle spasms that I feel like hiccups tell me that my baby is healthy; it was really a big relief for me because it is normal.

Next time on my visit to the doctor, I will also ask her about what causes cord coil which is really fatal. What makes an umbilical cord go like that inside the womb? I knew one incident that happened to the sister of my friend where her condition was healthy and all but sad to say she lost the baby during birth because of that. Was it the doctor’s fault? Was it her fault? So until next blog, I will probably tell it here as I will gather information on what my doctor will say. But mommies, pregnant ladies, just calm down and always pray that God is there to help us and keep us safe.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wish List for Baby’s Needs

Buying baby’s clothes and materials in India is one pain in the neck for me. First of all, I am not familiar with places to buy where they sell a bit cheaper not unlike when I am in my country Philippines, Baclaran and Divisoria is the place where you can easily buy and even bargain for such.


It is very much limited here since malls are selling a very high price, you can really scream at the top of your lungs because the prices were outrageous. Imagine one bootie or tie sides in malls, it costs about Rs500 above. Hubby and I recently stroll our way in this newly built mall in Malad and went to check out baby stuffs and needs. My goodness, we just went out to get our eye balls bigger when we checked the mall’s prices. It was really frustrating, not even a single mitten I was able to buy because the price was really not worth it. Babies tend to grow faster and buying mittens in ceiling prices would not be justifiable for our budget.

The first time that we bought for baby was bibs and that was a sale price in a market nearby. The next baby stuff that we bought was when we visited my in-laws in Goa and there we find a shop that sells some baby stuffs and we bought some caps and receiving blankets. The next baby store hunt we visited was in Panjim. There we were able to buy some more like baby’s vest, a pair of underwear, socks, waterproof matt, baby’s towel, feeding bottles and some burp cloth. Then we went back home in Mumbai and was able to find another shop and we bought a Velcro diaper cloth and a head pillow.

We still have more to buy and include in the list like beddings, bath needs, some safe detergent powder for washing baby’s clothes, crib, stroller and some items for me like nursing bra, sanitary pads and other baby’s needs like oil, powder, shampoo, diaper clips pajama pants and still we haven’t bought mittens so I am still hunting stores where we can buy some.

I can check some online stores that sell baby stuffs but the problem is that the minimum order should be Rs2000 and I can’t find any more items appealing to our budget. It is indeed like a treasure hunt for me and I can’t even ask someone here who knows what and where since I don’t have close friends here sigh!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Unbearable Itchiness

Have you encountered feminine itch which the most common is yeast infection. I was really bothered about it when I came to encounter such uncomfortable itchiness. My doctor already gave me some vaginal tablet to use but since I am persistent on using just a feminine wash, I did not buy the tablet till we got into a long travel where I was seated for so long and it got me irritated down there and I by the time we are home, I was really uncomfortable about it and scratching was the only thing that registered to my mind and what my senses dictates me.

When I checked online if such tablets were safe, it says not for pregnant but my doctor gave it to me as a prescription so I did gave it a try. By the way the name of that medication was Candid-V6 which I needed to insert inside you know where, but not orally okay. Besides I am not endorsing anyone to try it especially if you are pregnant since you need your own doctors’ advice with this one.

I noticed that the panty line side gets red and kinda flaky. But it only soothes after using 2 tablets and I feel better now. I have read that there is a home made remedy for yeast infection and that is consuming or putting probiotic yogurt. If it works, then it’s good, but since I am not going to just sit down and wait for the home made remedy to work, I depended on using the tablet. I just do hope and pray that baby will just be fine. It is really difficult to be pregnant, you don’t only think of yourself, but the sake of your baby which needs most of the protection.

This month will be the month for injection and blood testing as what I can remember what my doctor tells me. Probably it is an injection to avoid such sickness that will endanger me and baby. I do hope all results will just be fine since I will be preparing myself for that test next week if God’s will.