Saturday, September 3, 2011

Unbearable Itchiness

Have you encountered feminine itch which the most common is yeast infection. I was really bothered about it when I came to encounter such uncomfortable itchiness. My doctor already gave me some vaginal tablet to use but since I am persistent on using just a feminine wash, I did not buy the tablet till we got into a long travel where I was seated for so long and it got me irritated down there and I by the time we are home, I was really uncomfortable about it and scratching was the only thing that registered to my mind and what my senses dictates me.

When I checked online if such tablets were safe, it says not for pregnant but my doctor gave it to me as a prescription so I did gave it a try. By the way the name of that medication was Candid-V6 which I needed to insert inside you know where, but not orally okay. Besides I am not endorsing anyone to try it especially if you are pregnant since you need your own doctors’ advice with this one.

I noticed that the panty line side gets red and kinda flaky. But it only soothes after using 2 tablets and I feel better now. I have read that there is a home made remedy for yeast infection and that is consuming or putting probiotic yogurt. If it works, then it’s good, but since I am not going to just sit down and wait for the home made remedy to work, I depended on using the tablet. I just do hope and pray that baby will just be fine. It is really difficult to be pregnant, you don’t only think of yourself, but the sake of your baby which needs most of the protection.

This month will be the month for injection and blood testing as what I can remember what my doctor tells me. Probably it is an injection to avoid such sickness that will endanger me and baby. I do hope all results will just be fine since I will be preparing myself for that test next week if God’s will.


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