Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Time Mommy

At last, after 4 long years of marriage, God has already answered our prayers by giving us our bundle of joy. I still could not believe it after so many years that we have longed to have our angel; it was just so timely that God gave us His wonderful blessing.

Honestly we have tried a lot of stuffs from medications to foods and living a healthy lifestyle in order to conceive. I have researched a lot of times online on how to get pregnant fast or how to conceive naturally without recommendations of doctors for a test tube baby since we don’t even have health issues. I was really hesitant to go for a work up and try to ask an expert but hubby was the one who hindered me and just told to wait. Yeah, whatever that means and waiting isn’t that easy since I am so desperate to have a baby and I said to myself that I am not going any younger.

We did marry at the age of 30’s and it took us time before we got pregnant. Not all women are the same, some while at their young age even when married; they still do have problems encountered on having a baby. So every case for couple is different and I cannot pattern it to someone who was able to conceive even at a later age.

I just remember one thing when I was reading e-books and researching online for ways to conceive. It wasn’t the food that we ate that we got pregnant. It was still the work and marvelous miracle of God since He was the life giver. Don’t lose hope if every time you see your period coming in and get frustrated because it is still not the time. I have experience the same and I can say that God is there to help you.

Some medications did help, actually it did help to prepare our bodies to be ready and all I can say is that Traditional Chinese medicine really helps and most especially thanks to God who gave that to us also. I was super excited to know that I already missed my period. I was still skeptic but waited for the right time to buy a home pregnancy test and test my morning urine and see if I was really pregnant.

We just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary as we did our marriage renewal of vows that our family and friends witnessed. I will never forget that date since February is our wedding anniversary and February is also the month I conceived our first baby. It was a vacation really worth it and we were so happy.

Now going back on testing my urine, it took only seconds that I see two pink bold line bars in the tester, I was indeed pregnant. I did not announce it immediately to my family. I first announce it to my hubby the next day until we decided to spill the beans in our family and they were happy to hear it.

The very reasons I made this blog is to encourage women here who were married and still waiting to have kids of their own to be strong and have faith in God. I also would like to share my views about readying the body to conceive. It is really necessary to prepare the body for a change especially if you will become a mommy. The responsibility is also great and so I hope that this site will be there ready to share what I have experience. Welcome to Mamahood!


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