Monday, December 19, 2011

More on babys clothing

We received the order we purchased online just today and it was just one day since we order it. I was happy to get it even if it was my 4th time to order from What they included for free were two stickers for Christmas.

The package with free two stickers
package 2

This is what it looks like when delivered

I like the colors we have chosen for baby. Although the sleep suit looks so big than what I expected. It seems that it is for more than a year older kid rather than what it claims suited for 3 to 6 month old baby. Anyway we can still wait for baby to grow bigger and use this sleep suit.
Diaper pajama which is red orange in color
jump suit

Sleep suit or frog suit as I may call it
baby wear

Green colored long sleeves
long sleeves

Socks for baby

I also thought the socks were longer but its not anyway, its there already, we have no choice but baby to use it and not to return any. Christmas is just around the corner and we needed extra warmth so we ordered additional long sleeves and diaper pants. It was just lovely and I like what we ordered.

This is what it looks like when I removed the item from its plastic cover
green sleeves


sleep suit1

Friday, December 9, 2011

Bath Tub for Baby

Hubby just placed an online order last night and it was so fast that we received it this day itself. It was from MeeMee company which is known for their baby bath tubs. I was the one who selected the design and the type of bath tub.

Musical Baby Bath Tub for Baby Samuel

I was eyeing to get a bather but we don't have a bath tub for it to be placed so we started to buy one first. It was a a cute design of course, colored blue and it was musical. This is the main reason why it was more expensive then other ordinary looking tubs.

It was wrapped in a Meemee wrapper and inside it was the bubble wrap with free toothpaste

I always set aside the receipt

Anyway, you need to place two AA batteries to make it work. It has five selections of songs to choose from and different animal pictures in it. I guess baby would not mind those in the first place. But he will appreciate it once he gets to distinguish colors and lights and sounds.

Selection from the musical tones

Powered by two AA batteries

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Buying and Changing Diapers

Most of the time, mommies do find time to change diaper because we need to check if certain diapers are good for our babies skin and if certain diaper gives more rashes than other diapers. I accepted the fact that cloth diaper can be better but there will always be advantages and disadvantages of using cloth diapers than disposable diapers.


My MIL gave me cloth diapers to change baby's' diapers during day time and just to use disposable diapers at night time. The problem is that whenever baby tend to use the cloth one, every 10 to 15 minutes he would pee and start to cry and that would disturb his sleep. Good thing MIL is the one washing the clothes and she can hang it dry and iron it. But now that she's come home to their place, I don't have time to do the laundry and ironing.


I do struggle in changing diaper cloths every time. It is much more convenient for me to just use a disposable diaper. Although I do take some time to inter change the two, meaning from an hour in the morning I would use the cloth diaper, and after 4pm on-wards, I will be using disposable diapers.

I have used Pampers, Huggies and the latest was this LoLla's Diapers which is good up to 6 pees before changing. It is fast absorbent although not that cheaper on a regular price. Good thing that hubby considered buying it on a promotional price of Rs399 for 60 pieces, 60 because it was buy one take one offer. But if that is back on original pricing, it will be much more expensive than Pampers and Huggies.

Anyway, I'm glad to use this diaper for now which costs around Rs6 plus on a discounted pack. Next time that they will change it to its regular price, we won't be able to buy it anymore. At the end of the day, if I may count the diaper changes I had, its about 7 or more. But its okay, it was the normal thing since babies tend to drink more and more as they get bigger.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Useful tools for Mommy

Actually I have to post a lot but for now these will be the tools I have to showcase and moms would also agree especially if they have used these items already. I do have nose aspirator for clogged nose of baby and digital thermometer which is easy to use.

Digital thermometer we bought for only Rs 75 offer promo
digital thermometer

Nose aspirator which we also bought online which is Rs50 in a promo
nasal aspirator

I have to say that I really like the features of a digital thermometer which is accurate, mercury free and fast and convenient to use. It can be use for oral, rectal and basal use. It also has beep alarm so that you will know that the reading is done. It also records the last reading and it is not that easily breakable.

Only thing is that mine reads in Fahrenheit instead of Degrees. But so far, so good. Although the nose aspirator we had was opt for 3month old above but no worries, you can still use it as is.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Third order from Hoopos

We received the latest order we have from Hoopos and it was really fast since they have used Blue Dart as the courier. I am happy to receive the following orders and it was really needed by my baby.

What I did lack were long sleeves and pajamas. This time I ordered a diaper pants and added a bottle cleaner with nipple cleaner for baby bottles. I do breastfeed but when I need to express my milk, I really do put it in the bottle as I put the Vit. that the doctor prescribed us for baby.

Here is the complete order we have at

Check what's inside the box
hoopos box
White Pajama
baby pajama
Cute Mittens
Green Long sleeves shirt which is Cotton
green shirt
Diaper Pants for Baby
diaper pants
Receipt of the order
receipt,order list
Free Gift from, a Hardbound picture booklet of Wild Animals

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pampering Baby

I really have a difficult time to adjust yet and so I waited for my mother in law to come and help me when it comes to pampering my baby. Pampering in a sense that when taking a bath, I really do need her help since most of the time, I was feeling groggy because of lack of sleep.

J&J Baby Bath Set

Its okay since this will really be natural for mothers to be deprived of sleep when baby tends to change in his or her sleeping pattern. I am just thankful that at the moment, she will be here with us to take care also and look after baby and me.

I really suffered from Post Natal Depression on the first to second week of my delivery. I was really scared and was worried about my baby's health and I feel so alone in this world. But since I really do trust God on what He can do to us, I begin to worry less and brave out every time that I have questions in mind whenever I feel that something is wrong when in fact, there was nothing wrong.

Baby just finish his first vaccination which is the BCG and anti Polio drops. We will be back again after a month for another round of injection. I am always praying for God to give my baby the strength and protection he needs. Most of what I just worry is his spilling of milk and whenever I don't usually burp him even if I try so much.

But what I just do is to give him small amounts of milk, plus keep him in upright position first before laying him to his bed. Sometimes it does work, sometimes, milk spill is still there. I just don't like whenever I see the spill becomes forceful at times like its a volcano eruption coming out of him and sometimes on his sleep, he gets jumpy or startled.

Now that I get to lay him on his side, It is much better to monitor him sleeping like that. At least that is what the Pedia told me also as I needed to pat his back whenever he gets to spit out milk. Just this day we gave him a good quick warm bath which is just a sponge wipe. It made him felt good.

Hubby brought some Johnsons and Johnsons' set for baby bath, kinda okay if you ask me. I haven't used the shampoo, soap and lotion yet. Probably another two more months, depending if hubby asks me too since he said not to use the shampoo yet till 6 months. I also would like that idea since I really wanted safe and natural products to use first, so excluding shampoo is one of what we will do. How do you pamper your little one?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My First Order from

This time it was hubby who ordered online for our baby stuff. It took only three business days to arrive and it was just a fast transaction too. Before I tried to order via and it was for C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery). This time, was another online store that offers baby stuffs but they have more varieties when it comes to baby's clothing, beddings and more.

Our First Order from

Hubby was able to pay it through their option of EBS (Electronic Banking System). It was just easy although there was no confirmation call once you have finished your purchase. No customer representative is going to call you too for the confirmation and status of your order. Instead they will just settle you an email notification and that's it, mail the delivery status or the tracking number and you just need to log on using that tracking number given.

Unboxing the package

When it comes to prices, well I can say that it is somewhat affordable compared to other online stores that offers free delivery. Their items are also offered by other sites but they give you discount which is advantageous. I do like the quality items too. I was happy to order baby's beddings, mosquito net and some baby mittens.

Baby's bedding, pillow with bolsters, comfy comforter with mosquito net and mittens
baby bed

A view from the inside of the beddings
mosquito net2 has more options for payment system and you can rely that your order will come to your door post soonest. We didn't opt to buy a crib yet since we were encourage by our Pedia that its better that the baby would sleep and stay near us or to our bed because it develops bonding of child and parents. I really don't mind even if we have to squeeze in, as long as we can check our baby's needs during this early stage where moms need to take good care of her young one.

I like the color and design of the mosquito net
mosquito net

By the way, this is not a paid review of the site and it wasn't influenced by any marketing and advertising firm. All I said was my own opinion as a consumer and I also warned people not to use my article and plagiarize for their own advantage.