Saturday, September 10, 2011

Anti Tetanus Injection for Pregnant Women

Some may consider it not important while some insist that it is still needed. Well for me it is what my doctor recommended on my 7th month of pregnancy. It will protect me and my baby so I really have to take this injection. It wasn’t that bad after all and I thanked God for it.

I just felt some muscle pain but not that much or it didn’t even swell. Just like I am just having a muscle cramp, that’s what my left arm felt. But anyway if you have any issues with that like allergic reaction, just tell your doctor about it.

The next month will be another injection which is anti flu. Now we do know that we should protect ourselves from the harsh environment. A pregnant woman should have a strong immune system to help fight combat free radicals as well as the pollutants that are around us. Colds can never be a good sign so to prevent this; a pregnant woman should also need protection. Well my doctor said that anti flu will be given on my 8th month of pregnancy. She didn’t further push on the idea of blood test yet since she said that I was on perfect condition, my BP is normal, I don’t have signs of edema, my weight is also just fine since I am now 51 kilos and I have gained enough when I started at 43 kilos.

I don’t feel any back aches or having constipation so she was just concerned about the hospital to where we will decide to labor. Since my hubby suggested that he will give the doctor the list of hospitals credited by their company which will be shouldering some of the health expenses. It will be easier for me to consider a hospital which is just near our place but I am still opting for a good and complete facility as far as giving birth is concern.

What my doctor also suggested me is to do pelvic floor exercise regularly. Pelvic floor or kegel exercise is needed in order to have a good delivery or it’s a preparation for giving birth. I will tackle this issue on my next blog since I myself have just started doing this exercise to get ready.

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