Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Trimester of Pregnancy

This was the most crucial of all the pregnancy period. To most women the symptoms are almost the same. Some can have morning sickness while the rest are lucky enough to skip on morning sickness but still have other symptoms like most pregnant women go through.

As for me, I do crave for foods like Spanish turnip, buko or fresh coconut, white marshmallows and vanilla ice cream. I really don’t like the smell of guavas and I also avoid looking at guavas else I might puke. I don’t know if this was my hormone telling me, but most women do have stories to tell when it comes to food cravings.

My doctor also gave a prescription if ever I will experience throwing up but luckily I didn’t have morning sickness. What I just experience was that my saliva is abundant and it feels like my mouth tastes bitter during my 7th or 9th week of pregnancy. I do taste raisins quite strange and I cannot chew them. I also find some sour fruits not good for me since I feel acidic and I don’t want to eat them.

I do feel sleepy at times but not all the time. I also acted weird when it comes to the foods that I cook, I cannot eat it. But when hubby prepares the food that is what I can eat. I have experienced being so exhausted when I walk a few miles. I break sweat easily unlike when I wasn’t pregnant.

I really do avoid smokers and drinking sodas and with anything that has alcohol content on it. So for pregnant women, they say you need to avoid fish that contains mercury. Almost all fish have mercury but in different levels so it is important that you know how much you consume. I do avoid tuna, king mackerel, shark, and other fish that is high in mercury content.

Pregnant women should also avoid eating raw stuffs like sushi, half cooked eggs and such since it can be a caused for salmonella or bacteria infection. As much as possible eat foods that are cooked well done. Some fruits may even caused gas or tummy pain, but so far the only fruit I avoid is pineapple.

Your tummy doesn’t show big here yet but wait till you reach the second trimester and you will definitely gain weight. For me I am underweight as my doctor prescribed me to gain about 10 more kilos before I give birth. So far, I already gained 5 kilos and I am still three months away before my due date.

Just don’t forget to have prenatal checkups and follow what your doctor tells you so that you and your baby will be just fine. Try to get more sleep and relax. Don’t stress too much and think about problems. It is not good for a pregnant woman to be always problematic and sad. It will also reflect to your baby so as much as possible, I try to calm myself and hummm a tune whenever I don’t feel good. I also massage my tummy and try to think more positive things so that it will make my day fine.


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