Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eating the Right Food for Mommy and Baby (Part One)

This is important to know since most of us should prepare our bodies right before we conceive. When I was trying to conceive (TTC), I really research for foods that will enable my body to prepare for pregnancy. There was certain information that indeed was relevant when it comes to conceiving.

Others may call it just a fallacy or old wives tale but for me I proved it to be true and so I am happily sharing this information to those women who wants to get pregnant and conceive. Here are some things that you should definitely know:

Food that will help your body to prepare for Pregnancy:

1. Foods rich in Folic Acid- You may or may not take folic acid supplement but in the foods that we eat daily, there are certain levels of folic acid that is present and it is important that most women should take note about this. I took it seriously and I always include it in my daily meal. Even if you are already pregnant, folic acid is still needed by our body and your gynecologist would even prescribe you a medicine with folic acid so that your baby is safe from birth defects. I always include spinach, broccoli, bananas, oranges, (chapatti) wheat flour and lentils in my daily meal. It really improved my chances of getting pregnant aside from praying to God of course.

2. Calcium- If we do lack calcium in our body, chances are we will get weaker bones and our body will compensate that calcium deficiency leading to heart problems and complications. I have read an article that a woman who has silver fillings (pasta) should remove it because that causes infertility. Mercury content on most silver fillings does evaporate in time. I don’t believe such will be true, but for me, what is important is calcium. I increased my daily intake of calcium; I am not talking about artificial calcium and calcium that has surnames. What I am saying is that calcium in the food that we eat like cheese, milk, red meat, yogurt, cantaloupe and dark green and leafy vegetables. But you should also know that Vit. D3 is important so that your calcium can be absorbed by the body. There is one product that easily absorbs 99% of calcium and that is Tiens Calcium no.1. I took this for more than 6 months and it improves my blood circulation and strengthens my immune system and I don’t get tired easily.

3. Cordyceps- This is not a food. It is a food supplement that the Chinese have been using for thousand generations making their athletes win several athletic competitions. If you truly are serious to be pregnant or for those who try to conceive (TTC), this is the crème ala cream of all because it is considered as the wonder drug of the century. Cordyceps is so difficult to find, in the mountains of Tibet and China to where they harvest it. I don’t trust any other Cordyceps in the market. What I only recommend is from Tiens Cordyceps which hubby and I took for months to conceive. We have heard reports and testimony that couples having difficulty to conceive should take this supplement because it helps the reproductive system. Indeed we can now testify that because of this plus our faith to God we have now our baby. Cordyceps also strengthens the lungs, liver and other vital organs of the body. But if you have issues about conceiving like low sperm count, this one plus Tiens Zinc will help you. If you are a lady with other complications like irregular menstruation, PCOS, blocked Fallopian tube and such, you may as well try Tiens Cordyceps because it is a food supplement and there is no overdose taking this because it is 100% herb, natural and organic. If your taking medications, just go on and continue your medication and allow an hour before you take this supplement. By the way, before I forgot Tiens Cordyceps should be taken twice daily on an empty stomach, meaning one hour before breakfast (2 caps) and one hour before dinner (2 caps).

If you have any questions, just leave me a message here and I will be happy to respond back. Hope you do read the next article which is the continuation of this article that I am writing. God bless.

Disclaimer: My article is based on my own opinion and is not altered or influenced by any other advertising medium. This post is not paid and I am not endorsing a product for my own benefit.


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