Saturday, October 22, 2011

My First Order from

This time it was hubby who ordered online for our baby stuff. It took only three business days to arrive and it was just a fast transaction too. Before I tried to order via and it was for C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery). This time, was another online store that offers baby stuffs but they have more varieties when it comes to baby's clothing, beddings and more.

Our First Order from

Hubby was able to pay it through their option of EBS (Electronic Banking System). It was just easy although there was no confirmation call once you have finished your purchase. No customer representative is going to call you too for the confirmation and status of your order. Instead they will just settle you an email notification and that's it, mail the delivery status or the tracking number and you just need to log on using that tracking number given.

Unboxing the package

When it comes to prices, well I can say that it is somewhat affordable compared to other online stores that offers free delivery. Their items are also offered by other sites but they give you discount which is advantageous. I do like the quality items too. I was happy to order baby's beddings, mosquito net and some baby mittens.

Baby's bedding, pillow with bolsters, comfy comforter with mosquito net and mittens
baby bed

A view from the inside of the beddings
mosquito net2 has more options for payment system and you can rely that your order will come to your door post soonest. We didn't opt to buy a crib yet since we were encourage by our Pedia that its better that the baby would sleep and stay near us or to our bed because it develops bonding of child and parents. I really don't mind even if we have to squeeze in, as long as we can check our baby's needs during this early stage where moms need to take good care of her young one.

I like the color and design of the mosquito net
mosquito net

By the way, this is not a paid review of the site and it wasn't influenced by any marketing and advertising firm. All I said was my own opinion as a consumer and I also warned people not to use my article and plagiarize for their own advantage.


Daryll Joy Apura said...

Hi Maam. Sa India ba kkayo based or phil? Kasi pagsearch ko ang price ng mga items ng is in RS wc is indian rupees.

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