Thursday, August 18, 2011

Eating the Right Food for Mommy and Baby (Part Two)

This is the continuation of the article I wrote about Foods for mommies and for your baby. It also includes the information on how your body can prepare to conceive. I do like to read articles and information about how to get pregnant since I have been an eager beaver to be a mommy. But it took time and as I have said, we did not surrender till we got pregnant. Now, I am sharing this post so that men and women, who are also finding the same information, may also be helped through information highway such as this blog.

Foods to help you conceive and prepare your body to get pregnant:

4. Zinc- Foods that are rich in zinc are fresh oysters, beef liver, squash seeds, mutton meat, dark chocolates, roasted peanuts, green peas, sole fish, mozzarella cheese and chicken breast. Zinc helps our immune system plus it also helps to strengthen the reproductive system, it is also called as the Fertility Food if you still don’t know. You should include this in your meal daily. If your husband has low sperm count, eating foods with oyster can help increase his sperm count, about the motility I guess Vitamin C can be of help to that plus a lot of rest and stress free life will also do the trick. So plan a vacation and unwind a bit in order to get your system on the GO. We conceived when hubby took a vacation and we did enjoy a lot of bonding moments.

5. Purified and Clean Water- Enough water daily is important. They say 8 glasses of water is what our body needs. You can add more to that when you take juices and milk and other liquid drinks but please stay away from sodas and alcoholic drinks, this will never help you to conceive but will just delay it. Daily intake of 8 glasses of water does help the mucous to be fertile. If you’re a woman, you need to check your vaginal mucous because this will tell you if you are on your fertile days and when it is clear and egg white like, this is prefect to baby dance and you’re on your way to baby land.

I will try my best to post also what are the foods that you should avoid to take which delays your chances to conceive. I did discipline myself to avoid such foods and it really paved the way and I am sharing these to all so that you may also benefit. God has given us fresh fruits and vegetables because there is a purpose to it, not just because our body has self healing properties but also has the ability to defend our system against the outside force especially in our generation where we are exposed to chemicals and pollutions daily. Our body needs to combat this and so eating junk foods, ready made foods and cured foods will never be the solution.


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