Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sickness Blues of a Pregnant Lady

Actually sickness blues kicks in more on the first trimester of pregnancy. But this depends on every pregnant lady. Some do feel morning sickness while others don’t even have morning sickness. On my experience, well luckily I don’t have morning sickness but I do have sensitivity to such smell and I do have particular things that I don’t like to smell and I am so choosy on scents from soaps, to toothpaste, shampoo and perfumes.

Luckily I don’t feel nausea or dizzy but I don’t like to eat what I cook when week 9 started. My tongue began to taste bitter and foods started to have after taste which I really don’t like. My saliva tends to be so sticky that I wanted to spit it out every minute of the day. Good thing that I am just inside the house and if I were outside and working, it will be a big problem for me.

I do get morning cramps but not on a regular basis and not on the first trimester. I also notice back ache on my second trimester where my body tends to add more weight and I needed to properly sleep on my left side always and that is why I get shoulder and leg stiff. Whenever I sit down, I need to move my butt and stand for some time so that my blood would circulate or else my feet will get pins and needles.

The most obvious feeling that I have remembered during the first four to five weeks of my pregnancy is that I tend to get exhausted easily. I remember the times when I used to do errands on paper works for my visa and I need to go from office to office and ride buses and trains, I get so tired easily on climbing the stairs and walking a distant looks like a thousand miles away. I really needed to walk in small steps and was very careful because I don’t want to stress out.

My body wasn’t like this before; yes I do understand that age has something to do with it too. Getting pregnant on my 30’s is really something that I cannot turn back the time and wish that I should have been pregnant on my early 20’s. But this is what I really longed to have and experience and even if it was not that easy and comfortable feeling, I still thanked God for His blessings.

Now going back to sickness blues, I would not forget feminine itch. It does feel itchy down there especially if you’re always wet. First trimester was the wettest of all since I notice I produce a lot of egg white mucous on my underwear. Using feminine wash was really mandatory for me aside from changing undies. Sex was never a problem but we only do one position which is safe and comfortable for me. Just don’t ask me now to elaborate it in detail.Well that is it for now, if there’s more to add, I will be continuing this on part two since I am now saying hello to third trimester. Enjoy being pregnant!


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