Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Insane Law of Abortion

All of us have our own opinion and whenever I am asked about the law of abortion, it really gets my blood boil because here in India alone, they do allow abortion and they have abortion hospitals and abortionist doctors.

I do stand that Abortion is a crime and it is sin against God. Life has given to us by our maker and we have no rights to take it away. Only God has the rights to take away ones life. Abortion is purely evil and 101% cruelty because an innocent baby has no chance that he or she is going to be killed by a person who is so self centered thinking only about her shame to public. I don’t care if the reason for abortion was rape. You still don’t have the right to kill an innocent child in your womb. That baby has life, has the will to live and has nothing to do when you got rape.

That baby still has your genes, your own flesh and blood. You just need to accept it whatever circumstance leads you. But it is not the baby’s fault that you got raped. So why the heck kill a child?

There are thousands of women here on earth who wants to have a child, who wants to experience being a mom, who wants to enjoy and experience pregnancy since this really gives us the distinction of why we are called WOMEN. We have wombs, we have responsibility to take care of our own, we do raise kids and God gave us that purpose in our family, and yet there are those killers who because of unwanted pregnancy, of unprotected sex, would just have to consider abortion, it is so evil.

I really am sad how this world turns black into white and the white which is the truth, which is legal, is not being obeyed. I have heard enough of alibis about babies being a health hazard to a lady, since when? Who decided to get pregnant anyway? Is it the child’s fault or the mother? It really makes me sick in that idea that women do create such stupid alibis.

In India, thousands of unborn babies being killed by their own mother especially if that is a baby girl. They do worry about dowry, what a big insanity. Just because it is a girl, they will pay a lot. It has to do with their belief, they don’t fear God and God sees that all. Even if they will be allowed by their government to kill an innocent child, but in God’s eye, the Almighty One who will be the judge of all is not going to let it pass. God in His mercy and justice will find evil doers the equivalent of what they have done here on earth. They will pay for eternity and that is what matters most. No one can escape Gods’ judgment.

Spare me the gender determination, but never will I let Abortion be accepted, in all types of form. For me, it is clear; Abortion is a Sin and is punishable by God. This is my opinion, this is my point of view and I respect other people’s opinion even if they oppose mine.


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