Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baby Kicks and Maneuvers

I got another message from Baby center telling me that I am on my 34th week and the baby is about the size of a cantaloupe almost 18 inches long. Well I can see that because I have difficulty now in moving myself in the chair and transferring to bed.

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Sometimes when I have to lie down to sleep I can notice difficulty in breathing unless I put extra pillow on my head.
Baby is actively kicking and I can notice a lot of maneuvers from left to right and to the sides and to the upper part of my belly. I can obviously notice baby having a hiccup inside and I did read that it was good because the baby is healthy.

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Some kicks are hard ones and slightly giving me a good kick too like I have been pinched. Sometimes when I do sleep, and my arm was placed on the side of my tummy and baby kicks it, my arm would really be thrown away from that side and I will really wake up.

It is really precious to me because these tough moments on my third trimester of pregnancy I can see that it only takes a few more weeks to wait before baby come. I am still not prepared for the things I needed to pack, what to expect whenever no one is around if suddenly, you know, it makes me want to freak out but I really ignore the idea of it.

Now how I wish my mom was just with me in this situation where I am geographically away from them because I know she would know what to do and she will take care of me or assist me in giving birth.

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But anyway, I pray to God for safe delivery and also a healthy good looking baby that we have waited for so long and God has granted us that blessing. This is one of the best soon to be Christmas celebration that we will have because God has expanded our family as we welcome our adorable baby. Wishing all the moms, soon to be moms and aspirant mom happiness and of great cheer.



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