Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Proper Detergent Powder for Babies Clothing

I still have lots of list items to buy for baby. I am still close to half of what I needed and I don’t know if I can truly buy them all or if it is really needed. For now, what I have was basic needs for baby. I still have to hunt down where to buy the rest for a cheaper price since we went to a baby store and the prices are really way up high in the sky. I don’t think that it will be reasonable to buy such expensive items when babies tend to grow faster and the items won’t be used much so I really needed to skip on those items.

Here are some of the items we bought
baby clothing1

bibs, caps, undies,feeding bottles,receiving blankets and more
baby clothing2

I searched online on what I can buy for baby’s laundry detergent since I don’t trust what we used because it is concentrated and with chemicals not suited or it may be harsh for baby’s skin. I tried to login and order out on hoopos dot com and see if they can deliver it just as what they promised. What is good is that it is Cash on Delivery status with free shipping within India and the purchased order I have was just costing Rs338 rupees or equivalent to $ 7.68.

I really like the cute booties and socks!
baby clothing3

Receiving blankets, waterproof mats and some cloths
baby clothing4

Hooded Towel which is more expensive than the receiving blankets, dunno why
baby clothing5

Keeping my fingers cross that they will contact me for my order and will inform me if they are in the process for delivery as they say I can login to check the status of my order. Anyway, there are lots of brands that offers natural and without any synthetic chemicals for laundry detergent which is good for babies. What I have ordered was from Tolly Jolly.

Never heard about this product yet, but I will tell you if it was really a good brand. So far, I have taken some snap shots of what I needed to wash before our baby use it. Although most of these baby clothes needs to be hand wash, so I need to read the label also if that are also machine washable. I have already told my mother in law to take care of the diaper cloths for me. Since I haven’t seen a single diaper clothing in stores (lampin) in Tagalog.


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