Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Time Mommy’s excitement

Everything seems new to me on my experience being pregnant. From the time of first trimester till now, I do happen to experience brand new things that new moms do feel. Although exclude the morning sickness because I luckily did not experience it. But I wasn’t lucky enough not to feel bitter taste or choosy when it comes to foods that I eat.


There was a time in my first trimester of pregnancy that I don’t like to eat what I cook and I only eat what my husband prepares. I also have weird taste in some foods and I don’t really like the smell of guavas or even just to look at them I feel like I am going to puke. On my second trimester, things began to change again, from the size of my tummy to food cravings and mood swings.

It is indeed difficult to become a woman but certainly I do enjoy my pregnancy and the joy it gives me knowing that God has granted us our baby, it is really a blessing. During my food cravings, I noticed that I didn’t crave for sour type of foods like unripe mangoes or anything sour. But I was more into salty and sweet stuffs like popcorn, vanilla ice cream and pizza.


Pregnant ladies are just okay to enjoy their food cravings but should need to be careful about the foods that are to be avoided and foods that should be eaten to have a healthy pregnancy. Now that I am on my third trimester stage, I am careful of what to intake because I don’t like to get over with the foods that I eat that will make baby grow so big and I having a difficult time to give birth or that will result to CS. As much as possible, I still do pray to God that He will grant me a safe and normal pregnancy and delivery.

On my 30th week, I do feel my baby hiccups a lot. I researched it online on why these things happen. I got worried at first because I thought that baby is getting bigger and heavier now and signs of hiccups means that the baby is really getting big. I found out that these muscle spasms that I feel like hiccups tell me that my baby is healthy; it was really a big relief for me because it is normal.

Next time on my visit to the doctor, I will also ask her about what causes cord coil which is really fatal. What makes an umbilical cord go like that inside the womb? I knew one incident that happened to the sister of my friend where her condition was healthy and all but sad to say she lost the baby during birth because of that. Was it the doctor’s fault? Was it her fault? So until next blog, I will probably tell it here as I will gather information on what my doctor will say. But mommies, pregnant ladies, just calm down and always pray that God is there to help us and keep us safe.


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