Sunday, September 25, 2011

Finally Got my Order

Yipee! At last, after waiting for 5 business days, I have already in my hand the online order that I have placed. I was waiting for this item badly because I need to wash the clothes of our upcoming baby. I don’t want to just use the clothes without washing and I don’t prefer to use our own detergent powder which can be rough and harsh to baby’s skin.
My order and its box

TADA!!! Say Hello to my Laundry Detergent!

I really encourage mothers and soon to be moms to use safe and gentle laundry wash detergents. What I do like in this product is that its anti-bacterial, with the right PH level safe for baby’s skin, with triple enzyme to kill and eliminate germs and no stains will be left on clothes plus it is also environment friendly.

Instruction for Usage

Have to follow what is written in this label
baby laundry

Plastic wrap of the box

It does not bubble much but it is better for baby because there are no harsh chemicals included. So it can also be good for our hands when we use it. I also do like the floral scent of Tollyjoy. By the way this is not a review, I won’t be tackling about the detergent, and I am just talking about how moms should go for safe baby laundry detergents.

Receipt of my order

Disclaimer: As I have said this is not a review, it is not paid and I am not endorsing the said product. I just shared my opinion about how mothers can take advantage of using baby detergents and not harmful laundry materials. This article is not influenced by any marketing affiliate or any advertising agency. I hold the rights for my opinion and therefore I warned anyone who will illegally use my article or copy it for their advantage.


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