Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wish List for Baby’s Needs

Buying baby’s clothes and materials in India is one pain in the neck for me. First of all, I am not familiar with places to buy where they sell a bit cheaper not unlike when I am in my country Philippines, Baclaran and Divisoria is the place where you can easily buy and even bargain for such.


It is very much limited here since malls are selling a very high price, you can really scream at the top of your lungs because the prices were outrageous. Imagine one bootie or tie sides in malls, it costs about Rs500 above. Hubby and I recently stroll our way in this newly built mall in Malad and went to check out baby stuffs and needs. My goodness, we just went out to get our eye balls bigger when we checked the mall’s prices. It was really frustrating, not even a single mitten I was able to buy because the price was really not worth it. Babies tend to grow faster and buying mittens in ceiling prices would not be justifiable for our budget.

The first time that we bought for baby was bibs and that was a sale price in a market nearby. The next baby stuff that we bought was when we visited my in-laws in Goa and there we find a shop that sells some baby stuffs and we bought some caps and receiving blankets. The next baby store hunt we visited was in Panjim. There we were able to buy some more like baby’s vest, a pair of underwear, socks, waterproof matt, baby’s towel, feeding bottles and some burp cloth. Then we went back home in Mumbai and was able to find another shop and we bought a Velcro diaper cloth and a head pillow.

We still have more to buy and include in the list like beddings, bath needs, some safe detergent powder for washing baby’s clothes, crib, stroller and some items for me like nursing bra, sanitary pads and other baby’s needs like oil, powder, shampoo, diaper clips pajama pants and still we haven’t bought mittens so I am still hunting stores where we can buy some.

I can check some online stores that sell baby stuffs but the problem is that the minimum order should be Rs2000 and I can’t find any more items appealing to our budget. It is indeed like a treasure hunt for me and I can’t even ask someone here who knows what and where since I don’t have close friends here sigh!


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