Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Useful tools for Mommy

Actually I have to post a lot but for now these will be the tools I have to showcase and moms would also agree especially if they have used these items already. I do have nose aspirator for clogged nose of baby and digital thermometer which is easy to use.

Digital thermometer we bought for only Rs 75 offer promo
digital thermometer

Nose aspirator which we also bought online which is Rs50 in a promo
nasal aspirator

I have to say that I really like the features of a digital thermometer which is accurate, mercury free and fast and convenient to use. It can be use for oral, rectal and basal use. It also has beep alarm so that you will know that the reading is done. It also records the last reading and it is not that easily breakable.

Only thing is that mine reads in Fahrenheit instead of Degrees. But so far, so good. Although the nose aspirator we had was opt for 3month old above but no worries, you can still use it as is.


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