Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Third order from Hoopos

We received the latest order we have from Hoopos and it was really fast since they have used Blue Dart as the courier. I am happy to receive the following orders and it was really needed by my baby.

What I did lack were long sleeves and pajamas. This time I ordered a diaper pants and added a bottle cleaner with nipple cleaner for baby bottles. I do breastfeed but when I need to express my milk, I really do put it in the bottle as I put the Vit. that the doctor prescribed us for baby.

Here is the complete order we have at

Check what's inside the box
hoopos box
White Pajama
baby pajama
Cute Mittens
Green Long sleeves shirt which is Cotton
green shirt
Diaper Pants for Baby
diaper pants
Receipt of the order
receipt,order list
Free Gift from, a Hardbound picture booklet of Wild Animals


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