Friday, December 9, 2011

Bath Tub for Baby

Hubby just placed an online order last night and it was so fast that we received it this day itself. It was from MeeMee company which is known for their baby bath tubs. I was the one who selected the design and the type of bath tub.

Musical Baby Bath Tub for Baby Samuel

I was eyeing to get a bather but we don't have a bath tub for it to be placed so we started to buy one first. It was a a cute design of course, colored blue and it was musical. This is the main reason why it was more expensive then other ordinary looking tubs.

It was wrapped in a Meemee wrapper and inside it was the bubble wrap with free toothpaste

I always set aside the receipt

Anyway, you need to place two AA batteries to make it work. It has five selections of songs to choose from and different animal pictures in it. I guess baby would not mind those in the first place. But he will appreciate it once he gets to distinguish colors and lights and sounds.

Selection from the musical tones

Powered by two AA batteries


harun said...

Wonderful design and features and cost is also very attractive and in my opinion baby bath tubs are very much required for the safety of babies during bath.
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Anonymous said...

Musical Bath Tubs are really good for a baby because they can play with that also while bathing.

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