Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pampering Baby

I really have a difficult time to adjust yet and so I waited for my mother in law to come and help me when it comes to pampering my baby. Pampering in a sense that when taking a bath, I really do need her help since most of the time, I was feeling groggy because of lack of sleep.

J&J Baby Bath Set

Its okay since this will really be natural for mothers to be deprived of sleep when baby tends to change in his or her sleeping pattern. I am just thankful that at the moment, she will be here with us to take care also and look after baby and me.

I really suffered from Post Natal Depression on the first to second week of my delivery. I was really scared and was worried about my baby's health and I feel so alone in this world. But since I really do trust God on what He can do to us, I begin to worry less and brave out every time that I have questions in mind whenever I feel that something is wrong when in fact, there was nothing wrong.

Baby just finish his first vaccination which is the BCG and anti Polio drops. We will be back again after a month for another round of injection. I am always praying for God to give my baby the strength and protection he needs. Most of what I just worry is his spilling of milk and whenever I don't usually burp him even if I try so much.

But what I just do is to give him small amounts of milk, plus keep him in upright position first before laying him to his bed. Sometimes it does work, sometimes, milk spill is still there. I just don't like whenever I see the spill becomes forceful at times like its a volcano eruption coming out of him and sometimes on his sleep, he gets jumpy or startled.

Now that I get to lay him on his side, It is much better to monitor him sleeping like that. At least that is what the Pedia told me also as I needed to pat his back whenever he gets to spit out milk. Just this day we gave him a good quick warm bath which is just a sponge wipe. It made him felt good.

Hubby brought some Johnsons and Johnsons' set for baby bath, kinda okay if you ask me. I haven't used the shampoo, soap and lotion yet. Probably another two more months, depending if hubby asks me too since he said not to use the shampoo yet till 6 months. I also would like that idea since I really wanted safe and natural products to use first, so excluding shampoo is one of what we will do. How do you pamper your little one?


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