Friday, October 7, 2011

On my 35th Weeks of pregnancy

My tummy gets bigger and bigger each week and it feels heavier as I can feel that baby is getting all the space inside. It’s so fascinating to experience every kick and movements that my baby does especially if I happen to talk and rub my belly, it automatically responds with a strong kick or movement.

I can also see my feet swelling now because I spend most of my time seated and I just stand up and walk whenever I have to do something inside the house like washing the dishes, do the laundry or cook food. We (baby and I) do sometimes go outside to walk and exercise so that my legs would be okay and blood to circulate as well as the muscle on my feet since early in the morning I can also experience muscle cramp on my ankle area.

Few more weeks to go before the big day, need to see my OB-Gyne for another checkup and we will be ready with other things including what hospital hubby and I to decide for since we need to share the list of hospitals that the company is entitled for a discount aside from the health card that I have from hubby’s company.

I just viewed this presentation courtesy of baby center and just like to share it with you. How baby looks like inside the tummy especially on week 28-37th. I really get a lot of information by watching these types of instructional videos.

Click the Image or this LINK to watch the VIDEO


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