Friday, October 21, 2011

Breast Feeding isn't that Easy

I thought that it will be just easy to breastfeed a baby. Since bottle feeding is discouraged by my Pedia and I never thought that it will be that difficult. Difficult in a sense that it was painful at the very first experience when your lactating, your breast will become bigger and engorge.

Breast Feeding is still best for your babies
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Later did I know is that you need to release the milk inside so you need to massage your breast and massage it using a sponge or face towel soaked in hot or warm water. This will make you help to produce milk while cold compress to help you ease especially if your breast is already feeling sore.

It was really painful when the nurses helped me out to release the milk from my engorged breast. I even had a bruise from that hard massage and everyday, I was advice to do "express", as they may call it to provide milk for my baby.

Actually I did not know for how long will I be able to keep my milk flowing. I was really going to drain because of stress but they gave me a medicine to take plus a jar of powdered drink to include in my hot milk so that it may help me juice up for more and have milk. I am just enduring the pain just because I wanted to give the best for my baby and its good for his health although I have nothing against formulated drink milk. 

We may have different opinions with regards to breast feeding versus formulated milk or bottle feeding. I myself am I product of bottle feeding since my mother was not that lucky to breastfed me because she don't have enough milk supply. But what is really the difference among the two when it comes to nutrition? I guess what I can just rule out with this one is that one was natural and the other one was artificial. But with regards to the quality and nutrition, that I still need to know since I already said to my hubby that I would not be that hypocrite to still continue on breastfeeding if there is really nothing more to give. So far, I am on my second week of breast feeding and thanked God, I still have more because of the help of that drink and medicine given by the Pedia.

The Joys and Pains of Being a Mom
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