Monday, December 19, 2011

More on babys clothing

We received the order we purchased online just today and it was just one day since we order it. I was happy to get it even if it was my 4th time to order from What they included for free were two stickers for Christmas.

The package with free two stickers
package 2

This is what it looks like when delivered

I like the colors we have chosen for baby. Although the sleep suit looks so big than what I expected. It seems that it is for more than a year older kid rather than what it claims suited for 3 to 6 month old baby. Anyway we can still wait for baby to grow bigger and use this sleep suit.
Diaper pajama which is red orange in color
jump suit

Sleep suit or frog suit as I may call it
baby wear

Green colored long sleeves
long sleeves

Socks for baby

I also thought the socks were longer but its not anyway, its there already, we have no choice but baby to use it and not to return any. Christmas is just around the corner and we needed extra warmth so we ordered additional long sleeves and diaper pants. It was just lovely and I like what we ordered.

This is what it looks like when I removed the item from its plastic cover
green sleeves


sleep suit1

Friday, December 9, 2011

Bath Tub for Baby

Hubby just placed an online order last night and it was so fast that we received it this day itself. It was from MeeMee company which is known for their baby bath tubs. I was the one who selected the design and the type of bath tub.

Musical Baby Bath Tub for Baby Samuel

I was eyeing to get a bather but we don't have a bath tub for it to be placed so we started to buy one first. It was a a cute design of course, colored blue and it was musical. This is the main reason why it was more expensive then other ordinary looking tubs.

It was wrapped in a Meemee wrapper and inside it was the bubble wrap with free toothpaste

I always set aside the receipt

Anyway, you need to place two AA batteries to make it work. It has five selections of songs to choose from and different animal pictures in it. I guess baby would not mind those in the first place. But he will appreciate it once he gets to distinguish colors and lights and sounds.

Selection from the musical tones

Powered by two AA batteries