Saturday, October 22, 2011

My First Order from

This time it was hubby who ordered online for our baby stuff. It took only three business days to arrive and it was just a fast transaction too. Before I tried to order via and it was for C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery). This time, was another online store that offers baby stuffs but they have more varieties when it comes to baby's clothing, beddings and more.

Our First Order from

Hubby was able to pay it through their option of EBS (Electronic Banking System). It was just easy although there was no confirmation call once you have finished your purchase. No customer representative is going to call you too for the confirmation and status of your order. Instead they will just settle you an email notification and that's it, mail the delivery status or the tracking number and you just need to log on using that tracking number given.

Unboxing the package

When it comes to prices, well I can say that it is somewhat affordable compared to other online stores that offers free delivery. Their items are also offered by other sites but they give you discount which is advantageous. I do like the quality items too. I was happy to order baby's beddings, mosquito net and some baby mittens.

Baby's bedding, pillow with bolsters, comfy comforter with mosquito net and mittens
baby bed

A view from the inside of the beddings
mosquito net2 has more options for payment system and you can rely that your order will come to your door post soonest. We didn't opt to buy a crib yet since we were encourage by our Pedia that its better that the baby would sleep and stay near us or to our bed because it develops bonding of child and parents. I really don't mind even if we have to squeeze in, as long as we can check our baby's needs during this early stage where moms need to take good care of her young one.

I like the color and design of the mosquito net
mosquito net

By the way, this is not a paid review of the site and it wasn't influenced by any marketing and advertising firm. All I said was my own opinion as a consumer and I also warned people not to use my article and plagiarize for their own advantage.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Breast Feeding isn't that Easy

I thought that it will be just easy to breastfeed a baby. Since bottle feeding is discouraged by my Pedia and I never thought that it will be that difficult. Difficult in a sense that it was painful at the very first experience when your lactating, your breast will become bigger and engorge.

Breast Feeding is still best for your babies
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Later did I know is that you need to release the milk inside so you need to massage your breast and massage it using a sponge or face towel soaked in hot or warm water. This will make you help to produce milk while cold compress to help you ease especially if your breast is already feeling sore.

It was really painful when the nurses helped me out to release the milk from my engorged breast. I even had a bruise from that hard massage and everyday, I was advice to do "express", as they may call it to provide milk for my baby.

Actually I did not know for how long will I be able to keep my milk flowing. I was really going to drain because of stress but they gave me a medicine to take plus a jar of powdered drink to include in my hot milk so that it may help me juice up for more and have milk. I am just enduring the pain just because I wanted to give the best for my baby and its good for his health although I have nothing against formulated drink milk. 

We may have different opinions with regards to breast feeding versus formulated milk or bottle feeding. I myself am I product of bottle feeding since my mother was not that lucky to breastfed me because she don't have enough milk supply. But what is really the difference among the two when it comes to nutrition? I guess what I can just rule out with this one is that one was natural and the other one was artificial. But with regards to the quality and nutrition, that I still need to know since I already said to my hubby that I would not be that hypocrite to still continue on breastfeeding if there is really nothing more to give. So far, I am on my second week of breast feeding and thanked God, I still have more because of the help of that drink and medicine given by the Pedia.

The Joys and Pains of Being a Mom
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our Bundle of Joy

I just want to thank God for all the strength, protection and provision that He has given me and my family especially last week when I gave birth to our handsome baby boy John Samuel. We're caught by surprise because hubby and I were expecting to have our baby to come by next month of November of second week.

I just didn't know what happened because the Gyne-doctor said that I am just fine. At early morn of Oct. 9, 2011, around 3:30am when I peed, I noticed a sudden gush of fresh blood flowing down my legs. I hurriedly called hubby and asked him to call the doctor and rush me to the hospital. Well to make the story short, I gave birth but on my 36th week so we had to get baby into incubator to get baby ready because his underweight.

Anyway, we just want to give back the Glory to God on His goodness and grace for us. I will be posting some more information about pre-term labor reasons so that other women may be able to avoid it and know how they prepare themselves before giving birth.

Friday, October 7, 2011

On my 35th Weeks of pregnancy

My tummy gets bigger and bigger each week and it feels heavier as I can feel that baby is getting all the space inside. It’s so fascinating to experience every kick and movements that my baby does especially if I happen to talk and rub my belly, it automatically responds with a strong kick or movement.

I can also see my feet swelling now because I spend most of my time seated and I just stand up and walk whenever I have to do something inside the house like washing the dishes, do the laundry or cook food. We (baby and I) do sometimes go outside to walk and exercise so that my legs would be okay and blood to circulate as well as the muscle on my feet since early in the morning I can also experience muscle cramp on my ankle area.

Few more weeks to go before the big day, need to see my OB-Gyne for another checkup and we will be ready with other things including what hospital hubby and I to decide for since we need to share the list of hospitals that the company is entitled for a discount aside from the health card that I have from hubby’s company.

I just viewed this presentation courtesy of baby center and just like to share it with you. How baby looks like inside the tummy especially on week 28-37th. I really get a lot of information by watching these types of instructional videos.

Click the Image or this LINK to watch the VIDEO

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Inviting you to join my Very First Online Give-away Contest

Hello Mommies! I am inviting you to join me on my first ever online contest which I am sure you will also enjoy if you participate. I am hosting a Virtual Baby Shower Contest on one of my blogs. All you needed to do is to read and follow the given instructions I posted there. The give-away started Oct. 3 and ends Nov. 3, 2011.

I will be giving away $20.00 for those lucky winners who will be drawn randomly as I will also post the winners here on this site. I do hope you share it also with your friends who love to blog. Just click the image below to go to my site and join the contest.

Jackie's Virtual Baby Shower $20 Give-Away Contest

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Second Order has arrived

Yipeee, at last I have my second order of baby’s stuff arrived yesterday which I really did not expect because it took them only three business days to deliver my order unlike the first time that I ordered from their site, it took five business days.

Of course, I did not tell this order to hubby because I was supposed to pay that on the money that I saved but then the delivery man came in and knocked our door while we were still sleeping. Hubby opened and there goes the rest of the story. He was surprised to see another delivery from Hoopos. But I said yes, I did order and it was around Rs 548.00 rupees or equivalent to $ 11.65 which is composed of 5 items, all baby clothings of course.

The baby Clothes that I ordered
short sleeves 1

short sleeves2


pajama 2

blue covered

blue longsleeves1

When we opened the box, I was really happy and I did not expect that will also give me an extra gift which is a toy. It was their mascot green squid and I was really laughing when I saw the toy. But what made my day complete and happy was that all my orders were in good condition. The quality of the clothes was great and I can say that my baby would surely like what I ordered too.

Immediately right after hubby goes to work and I was left at home, I took some snaps on the clothes and wash them off with the laundry detergent powder that I ordered from them too. I had a lot of schedules to keep at that time aside from writing and updating my blogs; I also write articles and submit them on reputable sites. Anyway, being a home maker and a beauty mommy to be makes me dizzy at times.

Free Gift from Hoopos, I did not order this one
hoopos toy

Include also the menu that I have to prepare for the day as well as cleaning and maintaining the house. Hooray for busy working at home mommies! Thanks Hoopos for the quickie delivery of orders and great quality items. Hoping that they will remain free delivery and always offer discounts to their faithful clients or customers.